Struggling with Shipping Your Products? Try This

Have you ever been up late night, utterly exhausted with a pile of shipping labels, products, and envelopes ALL OVER your living floor? Yep, that's called 'delivery day' in the business world.

If you're running a small business but dread THIS part of your business, then I've got life-changing news for you! 2 words: Pitney Bowes. Heard of them? If not, they are a MAJOR company that helps businesses small and large get a serious handle on their shipping/packing needs.

If you want to save time AND money on the shipping logistics part of your business, listen up.

Did you know you can get discounts on shipping as a business owner from USPS, UPS, and FedEx? Yep. Stop paying retail and sitting in the god awefully long postal office line.

Wanna know another secret? You can even be lazy and have all three of these shipping companies come to you and pick up ALL (yes hunny ALL) your deliveries. Big facts. You can schedule delivery pickups online.

So there's an easy way and a hard way to do this. I'm only going to share with you the easy way because NO ONE wants to suffer and do things the hard way, right?

This is how you become a smartie pants boss: Sign up for Pitney Bowes. They have products and machines they can send you to weigh, print, and pay your shipping labels right from your home. Yes! And you can even track all of your packages and get notifications right on the machine when they arrive! No more stalking people in Facebook Messenger about if they got their package! LOL.

If you want to become a logistics guru boss, check them out at

If you wanna know more on exactly what product will fit your business needs, chat with me in Messenger.