What to avoid when using Facebook Messenger for business

Facebook Messenger is a great and easy way to get in touch with new leads for your business. It's super tempting to just blast everyone on your friend's list with you're latest sale or promotion because you think everyone likes a sale, right?

Wrong. People like a sale ONLY when it applied to something they actually are INTERESTED in. I wish I had a dollar for the amount of times people sent me a DM about weight loss services and products.

I'm a size 6 with a flat stomach! I don't need to lose weight!

Insane. And honestly, people know when you're blasting them. The message isn't personalized and comes across as you're just trying to sell them SOMETHING without asking what they NEED. Sound familiar?

We live in a world that's very self-centered. When a business approaches us, we're already on the defense because we have a limited amount of money and it seems like everyone wants OUR MONEY. As a business owner, it's important you understand this and know your audience. Without keeping this in mind, you're not going to sell anything.

Think about it. Let's say you're running a beauty business doing makeup services. It's prom season and you blast your Facebook friend list with your sale about makeup services for prom $50 per face. You even put a picture in there of a client you did recently. You wait...then you wonder why you're Messenger isn't blowing up or why people haven't responded. You have a great deal and the perfect time, right? While that maybe true, you didn't make it personalized and failed to hone in on your IDEAL customers.

Who IS your ideal customer? In that situation it would have been either teenagers attending prom or parents of teenagers that are going to attend prom this season. This is how you hone in on those ideal customers on your friend list: set up a lead magnet. No, it's not an ACTUAL magnet you stick on your fridge. It's a marketing tool used to attract your IDEAL customers.

Let's say that you post a Fenty beauty video tutorial on Facebook and Instagram titled, "How To Get A Beat Face For Prom 2018". Now, people LOOOOOOVE video tutorials when it comes to the beauty industry and it's a great way to get people's attention. The video gets 100+ likes and a few comments with emojis. Cool. You're feeling good. Now what? Turn those likes and potential leads into customers.

Here is where you insert your lead magnet. This can be another video that leads them towards an action you want them to take but it has to lead towards an ACTION. For example, let's say the next day you create another video. In it you talk about and show the types of beauty products and brands you use that are available to people when they book their beauty service with you. You drop popular brands like M.A.C and Fenty Beauty in there. At the end of the video, you also have a call to action for people to send you a message on Facebook Messenger to book a beauty service with you.

BAM, you just created a lead magnet. You are leading people towards an action to take if they are interested in your services. You really soft-sold them. Soft-selling means you sold without LOOKING like you sold them. Ninja stuff, see.

Now, this is a MAJOR thing most people are doing wrong in Facebook Messenger. Copy and paste. Responding to people one-by-one on your phone. Did you know there's an app for that? Seriously, there's a tool called ManyChat. You can create automatic messages and resources in Facebook messenger using ManyChat and it will respond on your behalf without you having to type a thing. Cool huh? Wanna see how it works? Watch the video below if you're curious or never heard of it.

Everyone and their grand-mama are on Facebook. It's the BEST way to reach people these days. Over 2 billion people are on it every single day. Insane how addictive it's become, huh? Also, messenger bots like ManyChat are becoming the instant way to grow your business and reach your customers FASTER. Their are so many businesses right now that do not know this secret. Don't you wanna be ahead of your competition? Get a chatbot. ManyChat is absolutely free and fairly easy to set up. Definitely check it out here.

If you're not a techie person, I can help you set up a Messenger bot for your business in ONE DAY. If you're interested, click here and chat with Ari. I'll put you on!

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